Accumetric, LLC (Boss adhesive)
Advantis Technologies (Leisure Time, Robarb Pool Specialties, Aqua Silk, Ultima, GLB, Rendezvous Spa Specialties)
Air Supply of the Future (blowers)
All Line, Inc. (poly rope)
Aladdin Equipment Company (replacement parts)
Allied Innovations (spa equipment)
American Granby Inc. (rope hooks, floats)
Aqua Products (cleaners)
Aquasol Controllers (chemical automation)
Aqua Pro Systems (heat pumps)
AquaChek (Hach test strips)
Aqua Salt
Aqua Silk (biguanide system)
Aqua Star Pool Products Inc. (drain covers)
Astral Products, Inc.
Automatic Pool Covers Inc.
Auto Pilot
Axiall LLC (PPG Cal-Hypo shock)
Azure (pool chemicals)


Baleco International

Balboa Direct (spa controls)

Birch Instruments (vacuum gauges)

Blue-White Industries (chemical feed pumps, flow meters)

Boxer Adhesives (Union Lab)


Cinderella (aluminum coping, waterfalls)

Cinderella Inc. (Funshine and Sparkle ‘n Shine liquid chlorine, coping)

C.R. Laurence Co, Inc. (clear silicone)

Cal-June Inc. (safety)

Camco Manufacturing Inc. (antifreeze)

Cardinal Systems Inc. (Novelle, Quaker)

Champion Packaging

Clearon Corporation

Coates Heater Company Inc. (heaters)

Confer Plastics (ladders, steps)

Coral Seas

Coverstar Central

Cul-Mac Industries Inc.


Diversitech (equipment pads)

Duo-Clear (Zodiac salt water/mineral sanitizing system)


eLifeguard Inc. (safety)

Energy Focus Inc. (Fiberstars fiber-optic lighting)

EP Minerals, LLC (filter media)


Fafco Solar Water Heating

Feherguard (solar reels)

Ferguson Enterprises Inc.

Findlay Vinyl (in-ground vinyl liners)

Flexible Solutions, Ltd. (Heatsavr, Solar Fish)

Flor-Dri Supply Company

Franklin Electric Co. Inc. (Little Giant pumps)

Funshine (Cinderella liquid chlorine)


Gecko-Alliance (pump division)

GH Stenner (chemical feed pumps)

Gladon (cove, wall foam)

GLB (pool chemicals)

GLI Pool Products (in-ground liners, pool fencing, cleaners)

Goldline (Hayward chlorine generators)


Hach Company (AquaChek test strips)

Halco Lighting Technologies

Halosource Inc. (Sea Klear, Aquapill)

Haviland Consumer Products

Hayward (pool equipment, heaters)
Hinspergers Poly Industries (Armor Kote, leaf net covers)

Horizon Ventures
HydroPure Technologies (Water Tight Systems, Metal Trap)

Hydro-Quip (spa controls)


inSPAration Inc. (fragrances)

Imperial Pool Inc.

Inter-Fab Inc. (slides, diving boards, Echoes of Nature)

Intermatic Inc. (timers)

International Leisure Products (toys, games, swim aids)

International Swimming Pools (Infinity and Super Steel in-ground pool packages)

IPS Corporation (Weldon adhesives)


Jandy Pool Products (Zodiac controls, valves)

J.P. Austin Associates, Inc. (ATOPS, VERMGEN pool base)

Jacks Magic Products Inc.


Kelley Technical Coating (Olympic pool and deck paints/coatings)

King Technology Inc. (chemical feeders, New Water, Frog)

Kop-Coat Inc. (Ramuc pool paint)


LaMotte Company (testing materials)

Lafarge North America (Portland cement)

Latham Pool Products Inc.

Leisure Concepts Inc. (CoverMate, DuraStep)

Leisure Time (Advantis spa chemicals)

Les Industries Lumio Inc.

Little Giant Pump Co (Franklin Electric, Water Wizard utility pumps)

Lochnivar (heaters)

Lomart Industries (above-ground pools and liners)


Main Access (above-ground ladders)

Maytronics US Inc. (automatic pool cleaners)

Merlin (safety covers, liners)

Midwest Canvas Corp. (solar and winter covers,
Horizon solar reels)

Mill Creek Marketing (Wipe Out cleaner)

Mullarkey Associates Inc. (Blue-White flow meters, pumps)

Murray Corporation (clamps)


N Jonas Co Inc.

Natural Chemistry (enzymes)

Nature 2 (Zodiac mineral sanitizer)

Neptune-Benson (drain covers)

New Water Systems (King technology feeder)

Next Step Products LLC (lights)

NSI Industries (drain covers)

NTI Global (solar covers)


Ocean Blue (maintenance equipment)

Oil Creek Plastics (poly pipe)

Optimus LLC


Pacific Echo (NSF-approved PVC flex pipe)

Paragon Aquatics (commercial safety products)

Pentair Pool Products (Rainbow Plastics, Kreepy Krauly automatic pool cleaners, fiber optic lighting, heaters, pool equipment)

Periodic Products (CuLator)


Plastiflex (hose)

Pleatco LLC (filter cartridges)

Polyair (solar covers)

Pool Frog (King Technology)

Pool Tool, Inc. (anodes)

Poolguard/PBM Industries (pool alarms)

Poolvergnuegen (cleaners)

PPG (Axiall LLC)

Praher Canada Products (valves)

PVS-Nolwood Chemicals (bulk chemicals)


Q-Products (Q-Vac liner vacs)

Quaker Plastics (Cardinal deck joints, pool steps)


Ramuc (Kop Coat pool paint)

Raypak Inc. (pool and spa heaters)

Regal-Beloit (A.O. Smith motors)

Rendezvous Spa Specialties

Robarb (Advantis pool chemicals)

Rocky’s Reel Systems Inc. (solar reels)


S.R. Smith (ladders, rails, boards, slides)
Saftron Manufacturing LLC (rails)
Schundler (vermiculite)
Sewtech (Castle spa covers)
Sharkline (above-ground pools)
SimPool Tech (skimmer plugs)
SkimLite Manufacturing (vac poles)
SmartPool (robotic pool cleaners, pool lights, pool and gate alarms, solar heating systems)
Solar Sun Rings
Solaxx Water Treatment Solutions (salt systems)
Solutions Group SA, Inc. (skimmer socks)
Spa Advantage (spa chemicals)
Spa Crest (Spa Crest and Vision hot tubs)
Spa Parts Plus
Sparkle ‘N Shine (Cinderella liquid chlorine)
Spears Manufacturing Co. (schedule 40 and insert fittings)
Speck Pumps
Sta-Rite (pumps, filtration systems, automatic pool cleaners, heaters)
Stegmeier Corporation (deck drain)
Stenner (GH Stenner chemical feed pumps)
Strong Industries (Strong pools and spas)
Swimf First Aid (safety)
Swimline Corporation (above-ground pool liners, winter cover)
Swimmers Advantage (pool chemicals)
Swimmers Edge (pool sanitizing system)


Tara (in-ground liners)
Taylor Technologies (testing materials)
Technical Products (rubber winter plugs)
The Strong Company (pool base)
Trendium (above-ground pools)
Trevi Fabrication Inc. (above-ground pools)
Tri-City Vinyl (in-ground pool liners)


U.S. Silica (filter sand)
Ultima (chemicals)
Unicel Cartridges (replacement filter cartrdiges)
Union Laboratories (boxer repair kits)


Vac Alert Industries
Valterra Products
Vyn-All (in-ground liners)


Water Tech Corporation (pool cleaners)

Waterway (pool equipment)

Wilbar (Sharkline above-ground pools)


Zeo, Inc. (Zeobest filter media)

Zodiac (pool cleaners, Clearwater, Nature 2, Duo Clear)