Our Solutions


Cinderella is both a manufacturer and distributor. We work closely with our vendors, dealers and builders to provide product and service solutions.

When Cinderella began in 1955, the pool and spa business was relatively new. It is now a multibillion-dollar industry that relies on innovative manufacturers, independent dealers and builders, and progressive distributors.

Besides the solutions we provide through support, technology, delivery and other dealer advantages, continuing the industry’s growth and helping to create beautiful backyard swimming pools and
spas, Cinderella:


  • Helps to develop and educate an ever-growing base of dealers and builders, successfully producing generations of independent business owners.
  • Embraces early buy bulk purchasing and storage, benefitting manufacturers and dealers alike.
  • Reduces costs for dealers through training programs.
  • Provides fast and efficient methods to fulfill manufacturers’ warranty commitments to the retail customer.
  • Manages lines of credit to hundreds of businesses, allowing them to better serve their customers.
  • Serves as an industry go-between, communicating with manufacturers, builders and dealers about product information, pricing, market conditions and trends.

For the industry and the individual, we’re making waves with our solutions.