Pool Chemicals & Spa Treatments

Renew pool water with our premium chemical solutions

Pool & Spa Chemicals

As a trusted supplier of premium pool and spa chemicals, we understand the importance of offering a diverse range of specialty chemicals and treatments with an inventory of hand-selected brands and products from all over the world. 

Our focus is on both performance and safety, verifying that each product has been developed using only high-quality ingredients, tested, regulated and certified for use. We also prioritize the effectiveness of our products, allowing your team to achieve optimal water balance and clarity in just a few minutes.

We carry the right solutions for every aspect of pool and spa maintenance, including: 

  • Chlorine products for sanitation 
  • pH balancers for water balance
  • Algaecides for algae prevention
  • Clarifiers for improved water clarity

Chlorine is undoubtedly a staple in pool maintenance. It effectively sanitizes the water, eliminating the harmful bacteria and algae that can lurk beneath the surfaces. But it’s not a one-stop solution for pool and spa treatments.

By regulating the acidity or alkalinity of the water, for example, you’ll be preventing skin and eye irritation in your customers. This is done by balancing the pH of your water source and enhancing the quality of other pool chemicals. From stain removers for stubborn discoloration to clarifiers for cloudy water, our specialty solutions provide effective results, restoring the pristine look of just about any spa or pool.

Some of our products include:

  • Granular and tablet forms
  • Liquid chlorine 
  • Shock treatments
  • pH balancers
  • pH increasers and decreasers 
  • Copper-based and non-copper-based algaecides 
  • Enzyme-based algaecides
  • Phosphate removers
  • Water clarifiers
  • Other specialty products and pool chemicals

We’re here to help.

Trust our expertise to deliver exceptional pool and spa maintenance solutions to you and your customers. Browse our collection of pool chemicals on Heritage+, and equip yourself with the tools necessary for maintaining sparkling clean water for your customers. 

Our fleets deliver pool chemicals and testing supplies to businesses across the Great Lakes Region. We’ll also ship directly to retailers across the nation.