Pool Covers, Reels & Winterization

All-weather pool solutions for seasonal conditions

According to the Department of Energy, we can conserve 30%–50% of pool water by using a pool cover. By keeping out the dirt, we’ll also reduce the pool’s chemical consumption by up to 60% while significantly reducing the time spent cleaning and maintaining pools that could have been protected. 

At Cinderella, Your Wholesale Solution is “Covered”

Protect your clients’ pools and spas with our comprehensive range of seasonal pool covers, reels, and winterization products, available for wholesale. From blocking out debris to preparing for the colder months, our products, crafted from premium-grade materials, guarantee durability and long-lasting performance. 

Our versatile covers, available in various shapes, sizes, and colors, not only offer an added layer of protection but also help in managing the pool’s heat and temperature through different degrees of transparency and vinyl materials. 

Wholesale Pool and Spa Reels

For larger pools, which demand extra care, we offer a selection of pool and spa reels perfect for streamlining the covering process for your client base. Our automated pool reels, suitable for various pool dimensions, are user-friendly and ensure a smooth operation for both above-ground and in-ground pools, allowing for quick cover roll and unroll actions.

Our reels come equipped with enhanced safety features to prevent accidents related to heavy covers, ensuring a risk-free experience for your clients and their families with controlled cover handling.

Winterization Products for Wholesale

As a leading distributor of seasonal pool care, we recognize the need for protective measures during the winter. Our winterization products are designed to safeguard pools and spas from harsh winter elements, preventing damage to equipment and surfaces. From cover seals to winterizing chemicals, we supply everything necessary to keep your clients’ pools in excellent condition during the off-season.

Our winterization products are specifically designed to protect against freezing temperatures, ice, and other potential hazards, preventing costly damage and saving on repairs and expenses year after year. 

Explore our covers, reels, and winterization product range on Heritage+. With our distribution network, we deliver pool supplies, equipment, and accessories to businesses across the Great Lakes Region and nationwide to retailers, ensuring your inventory is always stocked with the essentials.