Pool & Spa Heating Solutions

Year-round solutions for optimal temperature control

Pool & Spa Heating

Heating can be one of the most crucial aspects when creating enjoyable pool and spa experiences. And we at Cinderella proudly serve the pool and spa industry with an extensive collection of high-end heating products, keeping the waters both warm and inviting all year round. 

Innovative Heating Technologies

When it comes to heating indoor and outdoor pools and spas, our customers embrace innovation. Today, some of the most popular heat pumps are designed to absorb the natural heat from surrounding environments and reuse this heat to warm the customers’ pool or spa. They’re highly efficient and incredibly eco-friendly, offering a cost-effective solution for heating and reheating large volumes of water and their surfaces.

Our heat pumps have been designed to quickly and effectively heat any pool or spa, ultimately minimizing energy consumption with a focus on sustainability. Likewise, they’ve been tailored for performance, equipped with user-friendly controls and functions that allow your customers to fine-tune their swimming experiences in comfort and excellence.

Traditional Heating Options

For those looking for a more traditional heating method, we carry an even larger selection of superior gas heaters — rapidly heating standard pool and spa systems and capable of maintaining higher water temperatures even in colder climates. 

Our collection of top-rated gas heaters is a popular choice for professionals seeking efficient and powerful heating solutions, resistant to harsh weather conditions and built to last.

Solar Heating Systems

Solar heating is available for both the resourceful and environmentally-conscious swimmers. By harnessing the power of “solar,” your customers will see dramatic savings on their gas and electric bills throughout the year while contributing to the decarbonization of our planet. Our solar pool and spa heating systems come equipped with weather-resistant solar panels that can efficiently capture and convert solar energy even under somewhat hazy conditions. 

By offering a range of heating products, we empower pool and spa professionals to provide their customers with warm and inviting aquatic environments. Extend the season with our collection of heating products on Heritage+.  

Our fleets deliver to businesses across the Great Lakes Region. We’ll also ship directly to retailers across the nation.