Pool & Spa Lighting

Illuminate the waters with premium pool lighting solutions

Pool & Spa Lighting

Make the most of our exceptional pool lighting, features and accessories. Transform your customers’ pool and spa experience with energy-efficient lighting options, vibrant colors and captivating effects. Let our LED and fiber optic lighting solutions set the mood with a showcase of stunning color-changing displays and gentle ambient lighting, adding a hint of elegance and magic to the atmosphere. 

Automated LED Pool Lighting

Seize the future of outdoor pool lighting with our innovative LED IoT smart lights and personal customization, and harness the power of automation with our advanced control systems and timers. Perfect for any pool, spa, or water feature project, allow your customers to effortlessly set, schedule and control their lighting, even from a distance. 

Wall Lighting and Wall Fixtures

Showcase awe-inspiring waterfalls by embracing the crystal-clear water underneath the surface. Choose from a selection of standard LED lights, wall-mounted lights, and fixtures designed to enhance the pool and spa environment while improving the safety of a low-lit pool area. 

Enchanted underwater light shows, backlit steps and illuminated fountains… these are just some of the projects you’ll love working on with our specialized underwater lighting fixtures.

Light up their world.

Designed for energy efficiency, durability and easy installation, our lighting solutions provide the tools you need for stunning results. Our dazzling assortment of lighting products empowers pool and spa professionals to transform ordinary pools and spas into captivating aquatic experiences. 

Explore our collection of pool and spa lighting on Heritage+ to discover the possibilities of creating stunning and captivating pool and spa environments for your customers. Our fleets deliver pool lighting and supplies to businesses across the Great Lakes Region. We’ll also ship directly to retailers across the nation.