Pool Pumps & Filters

Unleash the power of excellent water circulation

Wholesale Pumps and Filtration for Pool & Spa

As a leading wholesale distributor, we specialize in supplying pumps and filters, essential for the optimal functioning of any pool or spa system. Our role as a trusted wholesale supplier equips pool and spa professionals with high-performance pumps and filters, catering to pools and spas of all sizes and shapes.

Our selection of quality pool pumps is designed for maximum circulation, ensuring effective water filtration focused on health and safety. The right chemical distribution, crucial for water clarity and sanitation, relies on efficient water circulation and the ability of a pool or spa to be treated promptly upon installation.

We prioritize our inventory selection, providing value to your wholesale pool and spa projects. Our range includes top-rated products from reputable brands, ensuring:

  • Quality
  • High Performance
  • Durability
  • Efficient Filtration
  • Sustainability
  • Low Energy Consumption

High Performance Wholesale Filters

Filters are crucial for removing debris, impurities and contaminants from pool or spa water, keeping it super clean and crystal clear at any given moment. We offer a selection of filters, including:

  • Sand filters
  • Cartridge filters
  • Diatomaceous earth (DE) filters

Our filters were designed for heavy and continuous use, guaranteed to trap all types of debris, from the tiniest microscopic particles to the contaminants we can see. Whether it’s freeing the water from impurities or removing harmful bacteria and scum, our filters help maintain a safe and enjoyable swimming environment for everyone. 


In addition to pumps and filters, we also offer a range of accessories and replacement parts to keep them functioning.


  • Filter cartridges
  • Filter grids
  • Seals
  • O-rings
  • More

Equip yourself with reliable, high-performance components that will keep your customers’ pools and spas operating for many years to come. Explore our wholesale collection of pool pumps and filters on Heritage+. 

Our fleets deliver straight to businesses across the Great Lakes Region. We’ll also ship to retailers across the nation.

Choose us as your wholesale distributor for pool pumps, filters, and accessories, ensuring long-lasting operation of your customers’ pools and spas.