Spas & Accessories

Discover luxury with our selection of spas and accessories

Spas are a luxurious addition to any backyard or outdoor space. Even indoors, they offer relaxation and stress relief for your customers. Cinderella offers a wide selection of spas and accessories, designed to make your customers feel like royalty while keeping water flowing smoothly.

Our spas come in a variety of sizes and styles, from compact two-person models to spacious six-person models. From traditional wooden models to modern acrylic and fiberglass, our spas come packed with features that prioritize comfort and reward with relaxation, including:

  • Adjustable jets
  • Built-in seats,
  • Customizable lighting
  • Sound systems

Cinderella understands the importance of quality and functionality when it comes to spa products and accessories. With our gorgeous selection of spa furniture and lighting, we’ll help you enhance the ambiance and create a welcoming environment for your customers and their guests. Our spa covers to keep the water warm and clean, protecting the interior against the dangers of debris and extreme temperatures. 

Whether your mission is to create a relaxing oasis for your customers, replace spa steps and ladders, or simply to make an existing spa more inviting, Cinderella has everything you need to bring the ultimate spa experience to life.

Browse our selection of spas and accessories… and take the first step towards ultimate relaxation. Our fleets deliver to businesses across the Great Lakes Region. We’ll also ship directly to retailers across the nation.