Water Testing Supplies

Identify impurities and refresh the water supply

Pool & Spa Water Testing

Water quality is foundational to the pool and spa experience. Pools must be tested regularly, monitored and analyzed for impurities within the system. The health of your customer depends on the accurate testing and diagnosis of pool and spa conditions. 

Organisms can be spotted lurking in the water. Treating and maintaining the water is essential in those situations. The proper care of pools and spas is necessary regardless of their environments. 

Optimal water quality means safer and more enjoyable swimming experiences. As a trusted supplier to the nation’s most respected pool and spa professionals, we offer a range of water testing products, perfect for balancing water chemistry and informed decision-making.

On-Site Testing Kits

At Cinderella, we make testing water quality as simple as possible, giving you everything you need to conduct testing on-site. Our water testing kit comes fully equipped, filled with testing strips and liquid reagents that measure pH levels for water quality, total alkalinity and whether too much chlorine or bromine has been used. 

Digital Water Testers

Check out our collection of digital water testers, with advanced testing features that allow you to more precisely measure and analyze water samples on-site. Digital water testers offer the advantage of increased accuracy and often come with features like memory storage and digital displays for easy-to-read data analysis. 

To complement our testing products, we offer a selection of water-balancing chemicals, including:

  • pH increasers and decreasers
  • Alkalinity adjusters
  • Calcium hardness increasers

By addressing and rectifying imbalances within the water chemistry, pool professionals can ensure that the water will remain comfortable, clear and properly sanitized. 

Water quality matters.

At Cinderella, we believe that clean and safe water is a fundamental right for every individual and community. Water quality not only affects our health but also the vitality of nearby ecosystems, agriculture and industries that rely on this precious resource. We can stop the spread of impurities in the water supply and contribute to a healthier, safer environment — not just for our customers but for nearby communities as a whole. 

Stop the spread, one test at a time.

Our range of cutting-edge testing solutions allows you to confidently monitor, analyze and enhance the quality of all nearby water sources. Our testing supplies will allow you to unlock valuable insights, identify potential contaminants and ensure the highest water purity standards for pool and spa environments. 

Knowledge is power, and when it comes to water quality, it’s the key to safeguarding the well-being of your customers. From simple, at-home test kits to advanced laboratory-grade devices, we offer a comprehensive range of options so that you can proactively address concerns, make more informed decisions and take the necessary steps to protect your customer’s water source.

Browse our collection of water-testing products on Heritage+. Our fleets deliver testing supplies to businesses across the Great Lakes Region. We’ll also ship directly to retailers across the nation.